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A lamp decorated with wooden flowers made from beech nut shells. Photographic step-by-step instructions for do-it-yourself creations. You will need: scissors, pliers, binding wire, thread, beechmast, and a lamp with a wicker shade, or a similar object to decorate (e.g., a basket, cassette, wooden box, etc.).  Inspirations from: Julion Okram books. Heroes: Sinister Barton; Grandma Estela (babička); Bruno Bolek. Mystery thrillers with humor & romantism. family reading; sci-fi; fantasy; adventure; romantic; www.okram.fr (Licence / Permission: Free online display by third parties and image search indexing are allowed for an unaltered whole picture or reduced thumbnails - placed in a proper context, retaining all labels and watermarks, always with backlink to the original genuine source and correct authorship attributions.)

Beechmast peels as decorative wooden flowers


Work  Instructions

How to make decorative flowers from beechnut shells?

(Fig. 1)  ●  We will need widely open dry beechnut skins.  We can find them at the end of summer and in the autumn under the beeches in the streets, in parks, or in gardens.  However, the largest selection of different sizes, colors and shapes will definitely be available in...

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