Source (in Slovak language): eKnizky.sk

Will you introduce yourself to us a little?
eKnizky.sk (2018-FEB-24)

Yes, even though I mostly remain quiet, it's definitely polite to say at least something. For example, I can mention that writing is not completely foreign to me. Under another name and in a foreign language, I wrote two shorter works of a very different genre (magazine articles). These had ranked many times in a row in the world's quarterly rankings of the most read articles in the given magazine published by a leading international publisher. I would also like to offer something interesting to other friends of good reading, and hence the idea of the recently started book series arose.

Can't you just tell us a little more?
eKnizky.sk (2018-FEB-24)

Well, I can perhaps reveal that I belong to the age category that knew the last living witnesses of the 19th century, and at the same time had the opportunity to participate in the creation of the achievements of the 3rd millennium. A lot of interesting things have happened in that period - more than in all previous eras added together - and there's still much more ahead of us yet to comprehend. Therefore, allow me to introduce myself as a writer honoring the unresolved mysteries of the past. As a writer who takes his heroes from a well-known everyday life and sends them into a world of unexpected twists to solve these mysteries. Along with all the troubles and unusual adventures that go with it.

What inspired you to write your books?
eKnizky.sk (2018-FEB-24)

As children, we played archaeologists. Sometimes we came across strange things that even the oldest inhabitants could not explain to us. I was co-inspired to write by the excitement of those months and years when we sat impatiently at school and looked forward to further searching through old houses and other forbidden nooks and crannies. I never want to forget about these unadulterated experiences, and the perceived atmosphere of a real mystery is also projected into my stories. Of course, with the right dose of imagination, with creating the imaginary continuations of the partially unknown events or complementing the unclear human fates.

Who is your favorite character from your books and why?
eKnizky.sk (2018-FEB-24)

It's Dr. Barton in his apartment full of all sorts of excavations and inventions. Near a stove with blazing fire in the library, he helps people solve difficult problems in situations where other attempts have failed. Although he finds crimes repulsive and avoids criminals with all his might, he will ultimately catch more wrongdoers than the entire police department. Then there's the third-year Bruno with his friends. I like them for their curiosity and investigative ingenuity. Thanks to their research expeditions and children's sincerity, the lives of adult characters are really tangled up. I also like the characters of ordinary people from the area, because thanks to them, the whole old town district manages to retain many traditional moral values ​​and humorous optimism. Without them, the curious Bruno and the free-spirited Dr. Barton would end up in a hundred times harder situations, because their mysterious adventure begins in the difficult times of deep totalitarianism.

So, are they books for children or for adults?
eKnizky.sk (2018-FEB-24)

Actually, both. There are children as well as adults appearing in the key roles. The books are surely good for 8-10 years old, while adults may understand and enjoy additional nuances.

Have you always wanted to write books?
eKnizky.sk (2018-FEB-24)

No. I always wanted to read books. But despite the growing overflow of new titles, somehow I perceived a shortage of books to which I would like to return again and again after the first reading (and I like to do that - I often read my favorite stories several times). I am also bothered and bored by the popular oversaturation of books and movies with brutality, and by the stereotypical overload by unrealistic monsters or impossible superpowerful characters.

Which writers do you admire?
eKnizky.sk (2018-FEB-24)

As a kid, I was fascinated by Arthur C. Doyle and his lesser-known Lost World, alongside the well-known Sherlock Holmes of course. Unforgettable is Jules Verne - especially the Journey to the Center of the Earth, the Mysterious Island, or the Mysterious Castle in the Carpathians (including a humorous Czech film adaptation). My childhood was also influenced by Robert Arthur (The Three Investigators), Zbigniew Nienacki (Mr. Trundle), Lucy Maud Montgomery (Anne of Green Gables). Later, I was "saved" by J. K. Rowling (Harry Potter), Dan Brown, Axel Munthe, Dick Francis, Rex Stout, Alexandre Dumas, Charles Dickens, or Victor Hugo.

Can you tell us the way to your first book?
eKnizky.sk (2018-FEB-24)

Oh, that would easily make another book - but not the kind my heart wants to write. However, I can promise the readers that they will encounter many of the sights from this journey in a more relaxed form in the thrilling cases of the schoolboy Bruno and the enigmatic doctor Barton. Because in order for these heroes to be able to enter the world of surprising findings and unsuspected discoveries, they often have to overcome many mundane obstacles at the first place. These include the difficulties of their ordinary lives in the tragicomic period in which they must live at the beginning of their great lifelong adventure.

What would you wish our readers?
eKnizky.sk (2018-FEB-24)

So that even in the today's hectic world, may they always have enough time for a good book. So that good books could always reach them. Health and well-being at home so that they could fully enjoy it all.