F o r J o u r n a l i s t s

Dear Colleagues in working with pen and images:

Welcome to the author's media page. If you are interested in an interview or report, you can first download the introductory info package - the free Media Kit. You will find in it extended and privileged information to which the general public does not have direct access (brief biographical data, peeks into the book insides, clarification of the overall storyline of the thriller series, reportage inspirations, graphic materials for your own editorial processing, etc.). Due to the sensitive nature of the kit contents, the very basic control over the distribution of the package must be enforced: The download will be unblocked only after your e-mail address has been verified. Additional source files and materials beyond the basic package are then provided upon friendly discussion and mutual collegial agreement.


This Media Kit can ruin the book-reading experience. It reveals some punch lines. It also describes unfinished books under preparation.

18 Pages
Background Information

Author's CV, behind the scenes, previews... (in English)