The Case of the
Forgotten Chest

Half-detective drama by Julion Okram


About the Book

The Case of the Forgotten Chest

Book Edition:  Second 

Year:  In preparation (1st edition was in 2018) 

199 pages

Series:  Cases from Misty Road
(individual stories, loosely connected)
Part:  1

Romantic Childhood

For older schoolchildren, adults, seniors

Extract from the content

The third-year schoolboy Bruno is frightened by a glowing specter.  Who would believe such a thing at the end of the 20th century???  He and his friends have no idea that with this mystery, the chain of exciting adventures for the rest of their lives is just getting started.  The mysterious Dr. Barton, who has been looking for scientific explanations for various strange events for years, comes to the rescue in critical danger.  But why does he refuse to talk about certain things?  Bruno gets his first modest explanations for the big collection of tangled puzzles thanks to this introductory, almost detective case.  He accidentally encounters a locked old chest.  If he hadn't boasted about it at school, his life would probably have been ordinary to this day, perhaps boring.  But...  Well, let's rather take a look at one ordinary school desk, where it all started thanks to a completely inconspicuous petty problem...


For older schoolchildren, adults, and the elderly.  Those who remember the era of communism - the middle and older generation of today - will surely be amused by the joyful and serious troubles of children and adult heroes, whose great story coincidentally begins in this tragicomic period. 

Availability information

The first edition was depleted and its distribution ended on September 30, 2019.

It is possible to place a non-binding pre-order for the second edition (now in preparation).  Registered readers will be informed about the opening of the ordering system by e-mail.