1.   Inspirations from Readers


Many thanks to the readers who have on their own initiative already pointed out funny, mysterious, informative, or otherwise interesting motifs for the eventual inclusion in the prepared books.  Perhaps other readers can be encouraged at this point not to keep similar non-binding tips to themselves, but to share them - just click on one of the buttons below and you can start writing your memory:

One example for all

After writing the first story, the following photo came from an unknown source.  Perhaps as a reaction to the character of Ensign Moldestrand, or perhaps only as a general contribution to the grotesque scenery (the reason was not given).  In any case, the photo recalled, very vividly, as Sherlock Holmes had repeatedly pointed to the incompetence of the London police.  Well, if Scotland Yard is supposedly an incompetent organization, you can imagine the quality of the results that the successful implementation of this recruitment of experts could have produce:

(Click the image to enlarge.)


              Circular Letter.

The local organization of the Czechoslovak Communist Party, org. No. 2 in [erased city], is convening a meeting on December 12, 1948, exactly at 7 p.m. in the Old Committee Hall.

1./ Registering of those who want to function as judges, professors and similar.
2./ Members who would become professional military officers.
3./ Members who would become policemen.
They can only be workers or smallholders, and they can only have elementary education.

Executive Official: [erased name], by his own hand
Vice-Chairman: [erased name], by his own hand
Seal: Local Organization of the Czechoslovak Communist Party, [erased city] II.

Yes, although at a different time and in unrelated situations, but experts of a similar caliber often interfere with the delicate pursuits of our book heroes.  As if solving complicated mysteries was not difficult enough in itself!  The resulting situational humor will affect the child and adult heroes alike, more than enough, and will surely be appreciated by the reader.

Do you have similar or even bigger pearls of intellect in stock?  We will be happy to look at them in the editorial office, and it is quite possible that they will provide a nice inspiration for further writing work:

Which inspirations are more important?  Factual or fictional?

The answer is simple:  They are all important, though each kind in a different way.  The following words are roughly apt:

"There's no gossip
without a grain of truth
hiding somewhere in the background."

This well-known proverb inextricably affects also the writer's work. Although fiction is not, and cannot be, a documentary or biographical work, it always necessarily reflects bits of reality. Whether these are the well-known personality traits reflected in the created characters, common historical contexts, the nature around us, or various life situations, all this is naturally reflected in the fictional world of fictional heroes.

Occasionally, however, things also happen whose background or true essence will never be known or fully understood. Such events are especially valuable to the writer because they provide a rare source of inspiration for original inventive stories: In such books, ideas of the unresolved unknown can come to life. How did it really happen? Or how else could it have been? And what would be the best alternative course of events, in the interests of good and justice?

What is also interesting about fantasized stories is that sometimes they can even "hit the black circle of the dartboard". How many facts may they happen to reveal? Half a percent, ten percents, or the whole truth? It is also exciting that even if it is zero percent and the fantasy does not reveal any truth about the past, it does not mean that the same fantasy cannot be fulfilled in the future. A hundred years later, after a thousand years - or maybe right tonight...

If you want to share an inspiring idea or a factual memo, we will be happy in the Redaction to take a non-binding look at any free suggestions in French, English, Spanish, Russian, Czech or Slovak. Thank you in advance!!

2.   Inspirations for Readers

Make a Halloween Lamp

Some natural leaves look like little ghosts.  Similar monsters can also be hand-made at home.  Both telegraphic (abbreviated) and detailed (elaborate) instructions are available:

Enjoy Delicacies of 5 Misty Road

Readers don't have to read empty-mouthed and swallow idly anymore.  The handy recipe collection will convince them that the fantastic delicacies of fictional heroes really do exist.  And not only that - everyone can easily prepare them themselves!

Delight Friends With a Surprise Greeting

Anyone can receive common photo greetings from beaches, mountains or big cities.  But who receives mail from the coveted world of fictional heroes?  Choose from a varied collection of book postcards.  Some are humorous, many romantic, others relate to different occasions in life, nature, or the seasons.