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A young degu (desert or sand squirrel) kept as a lovely little domestic pet is peeking out of a hole in the wooden board of his dearly beloved cage. Copyright © Julion Okram ● www.okram.fr ● Search indexing and display in search results permitted, with correct authorship credentials and backlinks to original sources.

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Young Degu Squirrel Spying from His Hole

Degu (desert, Chilean, or sand squirrel, Octodon degus) can be kept as a lovely little domestic pet.  This curious youngling is very satisfied with the new housing arrangements, and is happily peeking out of a hole in the wooden board of his dearly beloved cage.  The entire brotherhood moved here instantly, loving the horizontal entrance a lot.  They never returned to their original little house, and permanently occupied this wooden maze (originally menant to be a play space).  They are social animals that need fellows to be happy and thrive.  They enjoy exploration, running in a toy rodent wheel, digging, jumping, elevated spots, dust bathing, and making your electric appliances completely wireless.  Very curious and fiercely friendly, although not all of them like being held or touched.  Always eager to climb your body or vigorously search between your fingers for a tiny nut treat!  I am not elaborating on the fresh scratches on the top of my head...

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