Mystery Thrillers


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The Case of the Forgotten Chest

Why has the last owner of this antique trunk never returned home? Will the mysterious contents fall into the wrong hands?
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The Adventure with the Lost Train

Where did the train that did not leave the tunnel go? Who was the SOS signal intended for?
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The Mystery of the Rammed Key

An old key protrudes from under the bark in the crown of a huge tree. The other findings are even more surprising.
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The Surprise in the Old Herbarium

Centennial writings are being discarded from the cellars of a defunct grammar school. One sheet of paper will cause a huge shock.
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The Expedition to the Cursed Forest

What is hiding in the thickets that seem to have defended themselves against every intruder for centuries?
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The Problem of the Vanished Pyramid

Can a pyramid just evaporate? Right in front of the camera of an experienced reporter?
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This series of mysterious stories begins in the heart of Europe near the end of the 20th century. In later books, the master plot also extends to multiple other places in the world: For it will be important to find out where do the underground tunnels lead, starting with their strange entrances discovered in one ordinary insignificant old town. It will be equally necessary to undertake complementary expeditions on the surface in order to investigate all other leads and possible causative connections. For ages, the Carpathian - Ruthenian forests and mountain ranges have been the home of ancient myths, unexplained phenomenons, and curious artifacts - and our heroes will accidentally rank among the very few select individuals of the 21st century who will understand why...


At the sharp interface of painfully uniform cubical condominiums and the historic suburb, it's easy to escape from the boring concrete playground and walk into the the mysterious corners of the picturesque Old Town district. There, the children's curiosity leads to unexpected findings, which not only cause undeserved troubles at school, but also greatly complicate the lives of adults. Humorous situations arise in the area when parents and casual acquaintances try to protect children and their unbelievable excavations from falling into the wrong hands. Here and there you can feel a touch of light satire, because the totalitarian regime serves as a grotesque scenery for secret societies and resistance movements operating under various creative forms of camouflage and authorities-defying practices. Defenders of human dignity are eagerly exercising their secret so-called "forbidden activities" (e.g., respecting private property, reading Western literature, listening to foreign music, having spiritual opinions, etc.), when those investigative children and their problematic, even illegal discoveries, add further worries into everybody's daily stresses...


● Bruno Bolek: An 8-year-old schoolboy with great imagination, along with friend boys and girls, forming together a search team. Bruno accidentally discovers a lost historical chest. It used to belong to his grandfather, it's locked, and no one really knows what's inside. He swears he saw something glowing inside - and strange things are starting to happen!

● Dr Sinister Barton: A mysterious treasure hunter (disguised as a speech therapist working in a ragged state health center). Without his help, Bruno's newly discovered wooden chest would be confiscated by the police. And this is just the beginning of a chain of unusual events and unexpected twists. With each new discovery or scientific explanation, more new surprises and challenges arise...


Unlike in mediocre movies, real mysteries in real life usually cannot be solved in hours, weeks, months, or so. Achieving important goals requires patience, determination, enduring interest, and long-term systematic efforts. Never give up: Life will bring more failures than instant winnings. Friendship and mutual trust can effectively protect people in difficult times and help them cope with injustice or a dysfunctional society.


Stories about solving mysteries, written in an easy and sometimes joyous style. Romantic children's perception of the unexplainable incidents and the surrounding daily reality is blended with the courageous adventures undertaken by adults. All this is occasionally combined with carefully crafted sci-fi aspects, but always based on deep knowledge of the real material essence. Scientific explanations of miracles and apparitions are always included. Enjoy secrets, surprising discoveries, exciting actions, and funny situations. And enjoy a rich dose of the so-called realistic fantasy: The stories do not give the impression of "a pity that the book is coming to an end and that this story could never happen", but instead they evoke the feeling of "I want it to be real" or "I'll make it happen once myself".