The Expedition to
Cursed Forest

Adventurous quest by Julion Okram


About the Book

The Expedition to Cursed Forest

Book Editions:
English  -  Under preparation (pending)
Slovak (2022)  -  Read in the Slovak language...   

15  illustrations
552  pages

16  €

Series:  Cases from Misty Road

(individual stories, loosely connected)

Childhood nostalgia

Adults in troubles



Family reading:

Older schoolchildren, adults, seniors

Available as a complete set (all three parts in a single bundle) as well as a trilogy of individual books (separate 1st, 2nd and 3rd part for lower prices).


Story Extract

In dealing with previous eerie cases, Dr‧ Barton was the one who always managed to keep a poker face.  But suddenly, everything is different!  His precious tobacco pipe lays on the carpet, the self-propelled armchair is overturned, Grandma Estela pales with fear.  What could have possibly happened on 5 Misty Road, Apt‧ #43?  Yet just last night the relaxed Dr‧ Barton joked about roadworks after a diesel digger had cut some sort of a secret cable.  Today, however, his workroom door is locked, and it will take the unbelievable three days to finally reopen.  Only one word comes out of his mouth, and Grandma Estela faints as she looks at the thing in his hands.  The fifth-year Bruno immediately comprehends what the attentive reader must have guessed, too:  that in the past three years, our heroes have not yet experienced an adventure of this magnitude.  A forest full of peculiar mysteries is already waiting...


For older schoolchildren, adults, and the elderly.  Those who remember the era of communism - the middle and older generation of today - will surely be amused by the joyful and serious troubles of children and adult heroes, whose great story had begun continues in this in this tragicomic period.  All age categories can find their own enjoyable aspects in this 35th continuation.

Availability Information

The first edition is under preparation, with no specified time frame.

It is possible to place a non-binding pre-order for the 1st edition (now in preparation).  Registered readers will be informed about the opening of the ordering system by e-mail.