Becoming bigger or thicker; growing; enlarging; increasing; enriching; expanding; thickening. Specific use: in botany, continuing to grow after flowering.


The left sidewing of the competition peloton hit a miry terrain, where mud began to splash around from under the armchairs' rearlegs. The affected competitors paid no heed to the unplanned inconvenience and manly braved the bombarding spray. Mucked up from head to toe, they stalwartly continued in their efforts to overtake the closest rivals. Their bright teeth and the whites of their eyes periodically flashed in the brownish seaful of the accrescent layer of khaki paint. (Context: Grandma Estela watches some weird TV show with racing armchairs and sofas. The contestants now run through a muddy terrain, which makes the rear jockeys covered in increasingly more dirt with every dash. Source: J∙ Okram - The Mystery of the Rammed Key.)

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