Plural: bandeaux, bandeaus

1. A narrow ribbon or band of cloth hiding or holding hair; headband; fillet.

2. A wide band of cloth for wrapping breasts; bra.


Even without words, these complications were becoming intuitively clear to all heads behind the dewy windows - except the head with the bandeau and headscarf. The indignant cries, the pleas for an immediate halt, and the clueless wringing of Mrs∙ Zuttrack's hands ended only when Hubert buttressed his decision aloofly:
—Here and with this vehicle, we would look like a fist in the eye, my gracious lady rustic denizen.
(Context: Everybody understands that it would attract unwanted attention if a group of detectives deboarded a huge bendy bus in a small village. Only the local auntie Mrs∙ Zuttrack does not get the point and urges the driving Hubert to stop. Source: J∙ Okram - The Mystery of the Rammed Key.)

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