Infinitive: befaint
3rd person: befaints
Gerund: befainting
Present: befainting
Past: befainted
Perfect: befainted

To faint; collapse; pass out.


—You can even inlocke yourself [in the bathroom] from innerside if you're shyful. Or a fearbag. And don't push the red button. Inasmuch the klosethilfung is summoned by that.
Bruno didn't understand.
—That's such a kind of a rescuator. Th
e athandy sort. Helpmanship for old people. The ringer alarmic. What, am I saying anything goodless? Well, you know, when oldsters are stricken by a backpain, when they're being circled headaround by a fit, such things when enthreatening them. Elseway, if they are nigh to befaint on the seathole. (Context: Grandma Estela is showing Bruno the toilet located outside the Bartons' apartment. In her archaic language, she informs him of special accessories therein. Source: J∙ Okram - The Mystery of the Rammed Key.)


Slovak / Slovenčina (SK): zaomdlieť; zamdlieť; omdlieť; odpadnúť

Czech / Čeština (CZ): omdlít; zamdlít

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