Alternatives: consilliary

Related to counsels or consultants and the advice they provide. Specifically: Expert consultations in clinical medicine, such as when hospital specialists examine visiting outpatients, or when departments give their opinions and recommendations about a patient hospitalised in another unrelated department (for example, Nephrology admits a hallucinating patient with acute renal failure, but they need auxiliary = consiliary diagnostic refinement from Psychiatry and Urology).


I am gonna take your patient. But to the state outpatient clinic, please. Don't let them bother me in private, much less ramble anywhere in the neighbourhood. And I can't promise more than a consiliary preconsultation. Wait... As soon as possible... Mhm... Put him on..., on next Friday. Go again? I said Friday. Thank you. (Context: Dr∙ Barton changes his mind and decides to take in a highly problematic patient - with nobody knowing it's the first step in his elaborate plan to stop bullying and abuse in university dormitories. Source: J∙ Okram - The Mystery of the Rammed Key.)


Slovak / Slovenčina (SK): konziliárny

Czech / Čeština (CZ): konziliární; konsiliární

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