Plural: curs

A short-coated hunting and work dog, especially an unfriendly mongrel.


The tall canines panted around the table, and Hubert opened the connecting door to the library. Neither of the dogs crossed the threshold, though. They dropped to their front paws and, with their muzzles near the floor, barked scaredly into the dark room. One of them began to howl. Dad stood up, motioned Mam to rise too, and dragged her and Bruno further away from the gloomy doorway with the strangely reacting curs.
—Armageddon!— hissed Grandma Estela, and she, too, began to retrocede.
—And perish will the filthy dog that steps in here!— came a grating, ominous voice from the darkness.
—All right, Hubert...— intervened Doctor Barton, holding his forehead. —That's enough. Stand back. Quickly. Protect your eyes, all of you!
(Source: J∙ Okram - The Mystery of the Rammed Key.)

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