Alternatives: half-baldy

Plural: halfbaldies, half-baldies

A person with a half or so hair lost; a partly bald man.


One waterfeed was definitely for water, but what about the other three? For cocoa, syrup and raspberry juice..., Bruno jokingly mused. He noticed that some water outlets bore coloured rings - two were labelled red and one blue, while the last pipe remained unmarked. Hm, twice hot water, once cold, ...and how about that cocoa? Should he get his hopes up for a sweetmilky treat? After all, in this magical oldhouse, anything seemed possible. Tho, on better rereflection, such an oldish halfbaldy bloke as Doctor Barton probably preferred his coffee bitteringly overscorched... (Source: J∙ Okram - The Mystery of the Rammed Key.)


Slovak / Slovenčina (SK): poloplešatec


Alternatives: half-baldy

Comparative: halfbaldier, halfbalder, half-baldier, half-balder
Superlative: halfbaldiest, halfbaldest, half-baldiest, half-baldest
Approximative: halfbaldyish, halfbaldish

Partly bald; having lost a half or about a half of hair.


Slovak / Slovenčina (SK): polovične plešatý; poloplešatý; poloplešivý

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