Alternatives: hawk-eye


Plural: hawkeyes, hawk-eyes

1. A native Indian of Iowa (capitalised: Hawkeye or Hawk-eye).

2. Somebody with a very good vision, penetrating eyesight, or who is keenly observant.


Infinitive: hawkeye, hawk-eye
3rd person: hawkeyes, hawk-eyes
Present: hawkeyeing, hawk-eyeing
Gerund: hawkeyeing, hawk-eyeing
Past: hawkeyed, hawk-eyed
Perfect: hawkeyed, hawk-eyed

To look or see as well as a hawk; to be eyeing in a focused or penetrating manner; stare.


The family mausoleum with a patinated bronze epigraph FAMILIE GELDERSMANN loomed between two giant firs. For about a quarter of an hour, it was closely observed by a motionless dark silhouette lurking in the nearby thuja grove. Two suspectful eyes unbrokenly hawkeyed through the evening gloominess, mistrustfully rescrutinising the foggish murk fuzzing the charnel's blackened roundish roofline. (Source: J∙ Okram - The Mystery of the Rammed Key.)


Slovak / Slovenčina (SK): jastriť; striehnuť

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