Plural: klosethilfungs

(Germanism) Help or assistance provided in case of problems in a toilet room.


—You can even inlocke yourself from innerside if you're shyful. Or a fearbag. And don't push the red button. Inasmuch the klosethilfung is summoned by that.

Bruno didn't understand.

—That's such a kind of a rescue, the athandy sort. Helpmanship for old people. The ringer alarmic. What, am I saying anything goodless? Well, you know, when oldsters are stricken by a backpain, when they're being circled headaround by a fit, such things when threaten them. Elseway, if they are nigh to faint on the seathole.— kept explaining Grandma Estela broadly, seeing Bruno's unfading surprise. —Well, just in you go, young master. And don't forget to reemerse back to us today.— she winked at him with a smile, pressed the key into his hand, and pushed him into the comfort room. (Context: In her archaic language, Grandma Estela is explaining to the visiting boy Bruno how to behave in their old-fashioned out-of-apartment bathroom full of curious contraptions. Source: J∙ Okram - The Mystery of the Rammed Key.)

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