Plural: Komsomolers

A member of Komsomol; derived from the Russian colloquial denotation of the organisation commonly known as Komsomol, which is the shortened form of the full official name Vsesoyuznyi Leninskiy Kommunisticheskiy Soyuz Molodiozhi, VLKSM - Всесоюзный Ленинский Коммунистический Союз Молодёжи, ВЛКСМ - the All-Union Leninist Communistic Union of Youth, operating in the former Soviet Union.


The "boycott" reaped the lion's share of the African's boisterous tribute, followed by three rounds of vigorous handshakes with all present. Comraderial, co-operrassion, Komsomolerrr, and so on, Buba spared no phrases inculcated during his condensed nullters' language preparation training course; Ehem, mhu-mhu, mhhhh..., the speech therapist was trying to rise above the superlatives and well-meant adjectives, most of which, however, he did not seem very enthusiastic about. (Context: Dr∙ Barton and his aides helped a foreign student called Buba. In return, indoctrinated with communistic political propaganda during his pre-first-year curriculum, Buba is thanking for this help. He uses soviet-style compliments that sound comical, given Dr∙ Barton's libertarian spirit and liberal attitudes. Source: J∙ Okram - The Mystery of the Rammed Key.)

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