Alternatives: lich-gate, lich gate, lychgate, lych-gate, lych gate, wychgate, wych-gate, wych gate, lycugate, lycu-gate, lycu gate, lykegate, lyke-gate, lyke gate

Plural: lichgates, lich-gates, lich gates, lychgates, lych-gates, lych gates, wychgates, wych-gates, wych gates, lycugates, lycu-gates, lycu gates, lykegates, lyke-gates, lyke gates

A tunnel-like or underpass-like ornamental gateway protected with a roof.


—Surely you understand now, distinguished Mr∙ Superagent, why I could afford to release some smoke here and there in complete relaxedness. I knew about your movements from the first second you crossed the rampart. The forsaken ivy-overgrown southeastern lichgate, was it? (Context: Dr∙ Barton was smoking in a secret hideout inside a tomb house, releasing smoke clouds to a deserted evening cemetery. Still, he remained inconspicuous because he had a helper informing him about the impending presence of eventual comers. Source: J∙ Okram - The Mystery of the Rammed Key.)

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