Plural: nabes

A truncated colloquial form of the word neighbourhood / neighborhood; surroundings; vicinity.


I mentioned several times at our first meetings that I had known the map of our city for ages. Indeed, the same wallmap was hanging in our library all along. Even after discovering the first luminous spot, nothing at all changed in the highlighted chest-hosting nabe. There were no building alterations, no shifts in the overall geographical configuration, no extraordinary or noteworthy events in the physical world. (Context: Dr∙ Barton's old map hanging on a wall started to show glowy spots. He visited the map-highlighted locations but found nothing special there at first - not even at the address where they later discovered a mysterious ancient chest. Source: J∙ Okram - The Mystery of the Rammed Key.)


Slovak / Slovenčina (SK): susedstvo; blízkosť

Czech / Čeština (CZ): sousedství; blízkost

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