pis aller


Plural: pis allers

The only remaining option; steps undertaken as a last resort; the final resource or device.


Driven by that unpleasant idea, he concentrated all his strength and imagination, sliding down like a snake. He paid no heed to the duskfall's dwindling visibility, all-penetrating dirt, torn clothes, or bleeding scratches. Sacrificing everything to get down as soon as possible was his onliest decorous fallback pis aller. Because the lastest-resort expedient appeared too dreadful to even imagine: By calling out for help from a tree in the densening twilight, by alarming complete strangers in their own houseyard, he would make a blithering imbecile of himself... (Context: A boy named Bruno is trying to get down from a tree - but the old linden is too massive for a third-grader who struggles with every movement between dangerously separated and ungraspable thick branches. Source: J∙ Okram - The Mystery of the Rammed Key.)


Slovak / Slovenčina (SK): posledná možnosť; tiesňová záchrana; krajné riešenie; východisko z núdze; spásonosná rezerva

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