Plural: preprints
Alternatives: pre-print, pl∙ pre-prints

Preliminary version of a literary work intended for publication. A special edition in pre-production preparation, designed to catch the last flaws and mistakes before the mass production is launched. It is shared in a closed circle of reviewers, opponents, critics, editors, etc∙, or even in public. Making preprints publicly available is very common for scientific papers - it ensures early access to the hottest findings that might become outdated during the transformation of an approved manuscript into a polished journal format. Access to the raw preprint form may or may not be chargeable; once the official first edition is published, the preprint may be withdrawn or retained (usually at a lower price or for free, depending on the producer's editorial strategy). Other or similar terms: first print; pre-release; beta release; null edition; editorial / printer's proofs.


Writer Julion Okram offers free pre-publication and post-publication access to preprint versions of his complete works or book excerpts. (Source: J∙ Okram - Free chapters and entire e-books.)


Slovak (SK) / Slovenčina: preprint; obťah; prvotlač

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