Plural: rippers

Someone or something that rips or tears; tearer; shredder.


Infinitive: ripper
3rd person: rippers
Gerund: rippering
Present: rippering
Past: rippered
Perfect: rippered

To rip; rip off; tear; tear off; cut; cut off.


But at least I rippered a good length of drawing parchment for him, a proper piece, to have ready at hand. And the basest pipe-mail pneumatical I have unblocked too, in case master father needed to cast a despatch some urgentful. A patent or something. (Context: A visiting family will be spending a night unexpectedly on 5 Misty Road. Grandma Estela prepares rooms for them, describing in her archaic language the amenities available. Source: J∙ Okram - The Mystery of the Rammed Key.)

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