Plural: tholes
Alternatives: thowl, pl∙ thowls; thowel, pl∙ thowels

1. A short stick serving a mechanical purpose, such as a handle on a scythe, or as a fulcrum for oars on a boats' sides.

2. A cupola or dome in architecture.

3. The ability to withstand, tolerate, or endure something; endurance; patience.


Infinitive: thole
3rd person: tholes
Present: tholing
Gerund: tholing
Past: tholed
Perfect: tholed

Tolerate; withstand; endure.


—In some castle fortresses, with their cronies, they held secret hideouts. Then they just worked there. They never went to live back in their natal mansion.
—In one of those fortresses, did you visit him then?
—Unthinkable! They wouldn't
thole it.
—So, how could he have told you about the shooting incident?
(A village lady explains in her outdated rural language the events after an unexpected shooting in an empty locked room. Source: J∙ Okram - The Mystery of the Rammed Key.)

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