Plural: thundermuggies

A chamber pot; potty.


—You don't understand, master my young. You are freeful to utilise the roombourne stoolchair.— Grandma Estela explained with an jocose undertone while sliding in the one-eared vessel under the circular cut-out in the wooden seat. —For that purpose we have it here. Don't forget to knock the coverlid properly over the thundermuggie. Especially if a trout's outsweep would engage you during the night. But through the fenestrature, you mustn't outsplash it into the luft!— Grandma patted the window frame. —God forbid! (Context: A boy named Bruno is about to spend his very first night in an old-fashioned apartment on 5 Misty Road. In her archaic language, Grandma Estela gives him permission to use the potty - but he should cover its top with a lid after every usage, and he must not pour its contents out of the window. Source: J∙ Okram - The Mystery of the Rammed Key.)

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