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Entering the World of Romantic Adventures...

It all started with this mysterious chest:


Mysteries in the suburbs

A third-year pupil Bruno likes to extend his everyday ways back home from school.  He is attracted by old houses in the neighbouring city district.  Stone statues on massive staircases, wrecks of century-old cars, hardy trees, and shady nooks of numerous courtyards invite a thorough examination.  Bruno doesn't know how many times he must have already walked past an unknown little cellar window, behind which a dusty ancient box has been resting for decades:  An unusual forged chest that brought a lot of surprises even before it was opened.  The first shock for Bruno was that the antique probably belonged to him personally.  It also transpired that Bruno's grandfather had not actually died but disappeared under unexplained circumstances.  He hid the chest in somebody else's cellar only a week before that - with the help of the old Mr· Grosman, who still lives at the given address.  But where are the keys?  Why didn't anyone in the family know about these things?  While the Bolek family tried to sort out their first thoughts, too many other people became interested in the chest.  Finally, the boy Bruno disappeared as well...

If someone reckons that these events alone would be enough for writing up a novel, they are not mistaken.  But happenings in the northern suburbs near Misty Road have developed beyond anybody's imagination.  The abovementioned case of the old chest was just a vague start to a chain of events that broke out later.  What so unbelievable could happen in the backcountry capital?  As it turned out, many things.  The proof is not one but several books preserved about these tumultuous, adventure-packed years.

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Unexpected connections

Did the chest once belong to nazis, as the teacher in the school and the police claim?  Were the finders in danger of explosion or leakage of combat poisons upon opening?  Or was there stolen gold hidden inside?  Secret documents?  When these first questions swarmed into our protagonists' minds, about twenty years remained till the end of the 20th century.  Who would have thought then that even after passing the additional two decades of the next century, after almost a half-century of tedious investigations, some much more complex mysteries would just marginally begin to surface?  There is really a lot at stake, and our heroes had no idea that in the 3rd millennium, they would have to live and continue their quest under assumed names...