Expedition to Cursed Forest

A picturesque three-part novel for young and old alike, filled not only with proper haunting but also some delicious cooking...

●  Author:  Julion Okram  ●


Castle Delicacy of High Nobility

Have you heard of the speciality called "Veau Orloff" or "French Meat"?  It was invented in the last millennium by a brilliant French chef and became famous far beyond the borders of the former tsarist Russia.

Grandma Estela loves to prepare all sorts of delicacies for Doctor Barton and his friends.  Her high skills were hungrily appreciated after the return of exhausted explorers from Cursed Forest.  Perhaps you, too, had a sudden gurgling feeling in your stomach when she served this exquisite royalty treat to her guests on 5 Misty Road.  

In order not to leave you with only the vain abdominal grumbling, we bring readers her detailed cooking instructions:

The quick"everything in a nutshell" illustrated version can be downloaded by any website visitor.  The extended and master versions are intended as bonuses for registered users and readers.



Mood-Improver for Halloween or Fall Eventides

A mysterious self-igniting lamp frightened the strayed explorers in Cursed Forest.  Why was it projecting ghostly silhouettes of strangely perforated leaves all around??

You may not believe it, but the two-eyeholed leafs are a true scientific mystery (in addition to being a subject of a fictional mystery plot).  Did you know they can appear even in our non-fictional nature?  You can collect them yourself and construct your own magic lantern.  Make your long evenings more pleasant - or surprise everyone with an original Halloween haunt!

Download not only the richly illustrated DIY guide, but also spooky display backgrounds / desktop PC wallpapers for your computer or smartphone:

The express illustrated "everything in a nutshell" version and the screen backgrounds can be downloaded by any visitor to this site.  The extended and master-grade versions of the design manual are reserved as premium bonuses for registered fans and fully enrolled readers.



Easy templates for instant printing

In a few seconds you can have in your hands the original mailable pictures that will amaze your friends.  Anyone can download them in regular office resolution.  However, only owners of the book The Mystery of the Rammed Key get the selected print proofs in professional quality.  These allow not only printing postcards of exclusive smoothness, but also the production of rare large-format A5 to A4 (half-letter- to letter-sized in USA) postcards, which only a few people in the world receive in our century.

You can try the nice baseline quality immediately:

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