The Mystery of the Rammed Key

Pages:   656

Pictures:   15

Year:   2022


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Series:  Cases from Misty Road

(individual stories, loosely connected)

Childhood nostalgia

Adults in troubles



Family reading:  12+

Older schoolchildren, adults, seniors

Will be available as a complete set (all three parts in a single printed or electronic bundle) as well as an e-trilogy of individual e-books (separate 1st, 2nd and 3rd e-part for lower prices).

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The Mystery of the
Rammed Key
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The Mystery of the
Rammed Key
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E-Book,  whole or parts 1 - 3
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650 pages

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The Mystery of the
Rammed Key
(whole book)

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Story Extract 

Trailer (Transcript from the front page intro box):  Ingrown in wood, an ancient key was found in the crown of a huge tree.  Repercussions of third-grader Bruno's research in a certain old cellar are not yet over and his whole family faces formal supervision, when another problem emerges:  How to pick this strange discovery up, undamaged and without attracting unwanted attention in the town?  To make matters even worse, also Dr‧ Barton was struck by strange difficulties.  Non-existent beings appear on his photographic materials, and all scientific explanations fail here completely.  After developing the last photo plate, the guests having dinner in the mysteriologist's living room on No‧ 5 Misty Road find themselves stuck in unpredictable danger...

Spoiler (partial):  The following description partially reveals the events and punchlines unfolding in the story.  This may spoil the reading experience and deprive you of moments of surprise.  Those who wish to read such a content abstract must consciously and voluntarily open the hidden collapsible text it by clicking on the unhiding button below.

Open the Spoiler:

The opening scene takes us to the vicinity of an ancient tomb, from which strange puffs of a kind of haze have begun to rise at dusk.  The smoking mausoleum leads us to an even more inexplicable mystery:  In its surroundings, Doctor Barton has captured a few utterly unthinkable moments on film.  Transparent creatures are levitating around the cemetery!  The shocked scientist questions the quality of the photographic materials, the photographic technique, and his own sanity.  He summons security agent Hubert to help him.  Together, they conduct a new series of experiments with two Polaroids and several new photographic plates hidden in the pre-punched cemetery trash cans.  Neither of the two science adherents believes in ghosts - yet they are struck dumb in amazement when they discover a new semi-transparent apparition in just a few minutes, even on freshly unwrapped Polaroid instant films!  


The frantic search for a rational explanation begins.  Meanwhile, numerous side events unwind:  A third-grader named Bruno Bolek extricates a historic key out of an ancient linden tree; someone in the Doctor's apartment damages his undeveloped photonegatives of tombstone ghosts with a radioactive emitter; a third incomprehensible shot is fired without an apparent shooter in a nearby village; and a phantom is said to be lurking in one of the local houses.  The frightened lady villager seeks Dr· Barton's help through her church friend, Grandma Estela.  Thus, the renowned mysteriologist, the Boleks and agent Hubert finally all set out to investigate the old countrywoman's haunted dwelling, acquiescing to the pleading pleas of the two elderly women.  


It turns out that the house has a bricked-up secret room, which they must break into.  Inside, several oddities await them - among them a giant great-grandfather's lockable bag, where Bruno's exsected key fits into one of the keyholes.  To make matters more confusing, they discover a few additional trees in the suburban woods, into which even more old keys are buried.  They even spot one in the much-explored cemetery...  


Everyone's brain is burning with the unresolvable overcomplexity of all interconnected unknowns.  How should they proceed??  A whirlwind of tumultuous action and pleasurable suspense is gaining momentum.  Readers gradually learn where the deadly bullets are coming from.  Two projectiles headed straight for the victims' heads, and a third disrupted a meeting in the forestry plant's conference room after whistling past someone's ear.  We will also figure out a scientific explanation for the whitish tomb apparitions from the Doctor's films.  And an unsuspected shock comes after a peek into the maxi-bag of the villageress's mysterious great-grandfather - Grandma Estela isn't helped by intense crossing herself, and the curious Bruno has to be forcibly dragged out of the room...!  


It wouldn't be nice to divulge all the twists, turns and secrets here.  Hurry:  After a few clicks, you can dive straight headlong into the engaging story 👀.


For older schoolchildren, adults, and the elderly.  Those who remember the era of communism - the middle and older generation of today - will surely be amused by the joyful and serious troubles of children and adult heroes, whose great story had begun in this in this tragicomic period.  The series gradually continues into the 21st century into our present day, and then beyond.  Thus, all age categories can find their own enjoyable aspects in this freely adjoining continuation.

Contentual Complexity

Language readability was comprehensively assessed, and the average group of readers was set at a level from 12 years upwards.  However, there are also much younger child protagonists in the book.  On the other hand, there are also intellectually above-average children among the readers.  The comprehensibility of the text can therefore be divided into several zones:  

1.  Gifted younger schoolchildren ● The youngest of the main characters in this story is 8 years old.  Since he is one of the frontal characters, a considerable part of the book contains childhood adventures.  These are close to the schoolkids' soulset, but they won't bore the adults either (who will often have to deal mentally and practically with the antics of the third-grader Bruno and his friends).  It's safe to say that if your child is already enjoying books by Verne, May, Doyle, Rowling, or Dumas, they will probably be entertained by Okram's novels as well.  However, second-graders and younger elementary school students will find the book too difficult.  Parent-and-child reading works well for younger pupils:  The parent reads and explains, the child listens and asks questions.

2.  Youth ● Pupils and students of eight-year grammar schools form an average group of beginners for cases from 5 Misty Road.  

3.  Adults ● The intermediately positioned hero among the main characters is middle-aged:  The university-educated Doctor Barton works in a local speech therapy clinic.  The clientele there is diverse, but his practice is inherently dominated by pediatric patients.  During diagnostic and treatment sessions, the speech therapist learns much gossip about the family lives of Bruno's fellow schoolmates and their peripeteia with some problematic teachers - including the school principal himself.  The Doctor has to maintain professional secrecy about these and many other things he hears, but the impact on his decisions and the plot of the story is undeniable - to the point of taking literally comical turns.  Dr· Barton is the mastermind behind a group of adults brought together by a reader-engaging chain of fateful coincidences.  Along with Bruno's parents (Engr· Bolek and his wife Linda), mathematical associate professor Alivieri, security agent Hubert, and occasionally other helpers, the speech therapist finds himself in more than one dilemmatic situation.  The logopaedist turns into a tireless enigmatologist after work.  Together, they work collectively to solve weirdish cases from the neighbourhood, which are then worked into individual books.  The archivist and writer of the stories is a gifted young lawyer whom the Boleks and Dr· Barton found half-dead in bushes and saved his bare life.  At the outset of their assorted searches, no one suspects that many of the mysteries unravelled will later coalesce into an unheard-of background mega-mystery.  For a full understanding of some of the criminal, psychological, social and philosophical aspects, the reader's age is assumed to be over 40.  However, anyone can read these books without deep intellectual dives, as the main axis is developed in a light adventurous-romantic style with sparks of winsome humour.

4.  Seniors ● The oldest of the core group of main protagonists is Grandma Estela.  An old  "seamstress underschooled", as she describes herself, she is the soul of Dr· Barton's household.  Thanks to the occasional antics of this action-prone pensioner, and judging by her old-worldish vocabulary to the point of total obsolescence, she is considered by many to be a mere naive grandam.  Connoisseurs of mystery stories set in the mysterious suburb, however, have already had the opportunity to become acquainted not only with her exquisite cuisine but also with her deep compassion, warm empathy, and eager helpfulness.  Add to this the not infrequent glimmering of antediluvian moral principles and the seepage of values inculcated in the "Real Reformated Schoolhouse Signorinal in Gr· Rotterville".  You can probably already imagine the old woman's humorous collisions with the present-day authorities, the delight of Bruno's parents at her meddling in the educational affairs of a contemporary schoolboy, or Dr· Barton's exultation at the results of her often overenthusiastic impromptu missions.  The poor Grandma is already troubled by the first signs of dementia, which she resolutely fights.  Despite all the adversities of health and fate, she remains a rich source of life knowledge and historical context.  It is not infrequently that it's she who catches a critical detail in the tangle of convoluted evidence.  They simply cannot do without Grandma Estela.  The most mature readers among Grandma's peers (or near-peers) will surely agree.

Availability Information

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