The Mystery of the Rammed Key


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15  illustrations in text

656  pages

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Series:  Cases from Misty Road

(individual stories, loosely connected)

Childhood nostalgia

Adults in troubles



Family reading:  13+

Older schoolchildren, adults, seniors

Will be available as a complete set (all three parts in a single bundle) as well as a trilogy of individual books (separate 1st, 2nd and 3rd part for lower prices).

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Story Extract 

Ingrown in wood, an ancient key was found in the crown of a huge tree.  Repercussions of third-grader Bruno's research in a certain old cellar are not yet over and his whole family faces formal supervision, when another problem emerges:  How to pick this strange discovery up, undamaged and without attracting unwanted attention in the town?  To make matters even worse, also Dr‧ Barton was struck by strange difficulties.  Non-existent beings appear on his photographic materials, and all scientific explanations fail here completely.  After developing the last photo plate, the guests having dinner in the mysteriologist's living room on No‧ 5 Misty Road find themselves stuck in unpredictable danger...


For older schoolchildren, adults, and the elderly.  Those who remember the era of communism - the middle and older generation of today - will surely be amused by the joyful and serious troubles of children and adult heroes, whose great story had begun continues in this in this tragicomic period.  All age categories can find their own enjoyable aspects in this second continuation.

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