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Plural:   gallimaufries 

An unorganised heterogenous mixture of things of the same or varied nature;  jumble;  hodgepodge;  salmagundi.  Specifically:  A chaotic situation full of diverse problems;  galimatias.



Plural:   gameplays 

Strategical and tactical logistics behind a beahviour or external presentation;  game plan;  plot.  Specifically:  A sophisticated set of actions and adaptive reactions designed to trick or deceive somebody into doing or saying something desired, such as extracting confession using clever interrogation tactics, or secret spy operations, or political plots behind the scenes, etc⋅.



Plural:   gateleaves 

A movable plate hanging on hinges on one side, serving the purpose of closing large entrances into houses and yards; big door wing.



Infinitive:   glassify
3rd person:   glassifies
Present:   glassifying
Gerund:   glassifying
Past:   glassified
Perfect:   glassified

To transform something into the glass, cover it in glass, give it a glassy translucence, glass-like touch / appearance / brittleness / other glass-related properties.  To undergo or perform glassification.


Five minutes of microwave-boiling is enough to "glassify" the onions, penetrate them with sweet and sour relish, and melt the cheese into a softish consistency.  A 10- to 30-minute coddle in a stewpot will leave the onions soft-steamed; a similarly scheduled oven-baking will also create a golden crustation(Source: J∙ Okram - Mayonnaise Stew  ●  Cooking Recipe.) 



Pertaining to or experienced by gourmands;  gastronomic;  culinary;  food-enjoying.


Solidified egg white is one of the foods that unarguably should not be frozen.  Once unfrozen, you get a hardened, outsole-like lump that ruins the gourmandic impression from any affected portion.  (Source: J∙ Okram - Mayonnaise Stew  ●  Cooking Recipe.) 



Pertaining to or experienced by gourmands / gourmets;  gastronomic;  culinary;  food-enjoying.


A gourmetic shortcoming of fermented quenchers, carbonated beverages, fruit nectars and wines is their sharpish sapour or tang, higher sourness, or fizzy bubbles:  Such tingly relishes can overshadow or utterly suppress the subtle undertones of flavourful gastronomical delights.(Source: J∙ Okram - Bartonian Potato Pancakes  ●  Cooking Recipe.) 



Plural:   gourmetisms

The status of being an experienced food knower and lover, a gourmet / gourmand.  Values, thoughts, knowledge, standards and guidelines applied in evaluating and enjoying foods and beverages;  gourmandism.


The golden guiding essentials of potatophilic gourmetism hence include:  (i) buying from conscientious and experienced farmers...  (Source: J∙ Okram - Bartonian Potato Pancakes  ●  Cooking Recipe.) 



Plural:   gratecakes

A collective name for baked or fried foods made from grated or finely chopped ingredients, such as potato pancakes, latkes, hashbrowns, etc·.


The final question remaining in this subchapter is whether our methodically blackened pans would suffice for managing fat-free Barton-manner gratecakes(Source: J∙ Okram - Bartonian Potato Pancakes  ●  Cooking Recipe.) 



Plural:   gravencrofts 

Cemetery;  graveyard.


Hubert and I talk about that lower district more and more often, because it's the location with the most recent mysteries under ongoing investigation.  Already on the old map version, one of the spots lit up on the hummock ennamed Gravencroft, which is today's Public Cemetery.  (Source:  J∙ Okram - The Mystery of the Rammed Key.) 



Infinitive:  grovel
3rd persongrovels
Present (Amer∙/Brit∙)groveling, grovelling
Gerund (Amer∙/Brit∙)groveling, grovelling
Past (Amer∙/Brit∙)groveled, grovelled
Perfect (Amer∙/Brit∙)groveled, grovelled

To crawl or lie face down in subservience, deepest regret, servility, or mortal fear.  Figuratively:  to apologise earnestly or profusely.


Doctor Barton pulled a paper snip from his pocket and dialled the written-down number.  Trying to outsound the audible crepitations in the handset, he grovelled in a half-loudened voice for redisturbing someone he apparently spoke with before.  (Context:  Dr∙ Barton calls someone and apologises for disturbing them again.  Source:  J∙ Okram - The Mystery of the Rammed Key.) 


Slovak / Slovenčina (SK):  plaziť sa pred niekým;  krčiť sa v prachu;  modlikať o odpustenie;  vrúcne sa ospravedlňovať



Plural:   gutterbits 

A piece with a groove;  a guttered component.


—If reluctance would be whelming over him,—  Grandma turned intimately to Mam.  In a lowered voice, she presented her the various parts of the unpacked appurtenances:  —...we have the screw-onto adjunct.  Herewith you dock the feeder fitment behind the chops; you see the gutterbit, this one here?  The patented snap-collar holds the teeth fixily aparted.  It's also protective, so the choppers wouldn't break if the fedbody jerks.  Then the head reins are flung over.  All three headbelts must be tightened up!  We bolt the system to the mincer, grip the crank boldly, and we can twist.  (Context:  Grandma Estela explains how to use the feeding grinder and how to attach it to the fed person's mouth.  Source:  J∙ Okram - The Mystery of the Rammed Key.) 

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