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British plural:   haemorrhage
American:   hemorrhage / pl∙ hemorrhages




Plural:   hags

An ugly or nasty or bossy woman or witch, especially an old one;  carline;  harridan.



Plural:   harullas

Traditional Central-European meal made of grated potatoes, garlic, marjoram, salt, bacon and optional flour and/or eggs, baked in a thick layer in an oven.  Although the ingredients are the same as for making potato pancakes, the resulting delicacy is quite different in its appearance, texture, smell, taste, and overall gourmet impression.  Other names:  potato baba;  placerka.


This firmish puddingy speciality is likewisely a savourous potatoey mouthwaterer.  But in such a happenstance, let us not promise our invitees the twoside-crusted crunchcakes and definitely not make them crave "Bartoncakes":  Rather, we openly declare a harulla-lovers' nosh-up(Source: J∙ Okram - Bartonian Potato Pancakes  ●  Cooking Recipe.) 


Slovak /  Slovenčina  (SK):  placerka;  zemiaková baba;  haruľa

Czech  /  Čeština  (CZ):  zapékaný bramborák


Alternatives:  hawk-eye 


Plural:  hawkeyes,  hawk-eyes 

1.  A native Indian of Iowa (capitalised:  Hawkeye or Hawk-eye).

2.  Somebody with a very good vision, penetrating eyesight, or who is keenly observant.


Infinitive:  hawkeye,  hawk-eye
3rd personhawkeyes,  hawk-eyes
Presenthawkeyeing,  hawk-eyeing
Gerundhawkeyeing,  hawk-eyeing
Pasthawkeyed,  hawk-eyed
Perfecthawkeyed,  hawk-eyed  

To look or see as well as a hawk;  to be eyeing in a focused or penetrating manner;  stare.


The family mausoleum with a patinated bronze epigraph FAMILIE GELDERSMANN loomed between two giant firs.  For about a quarter of an hour, it was closely observed by a motionless dark silhouette lurking in the nearby thuja grove.  Two suspectful eyes unbrokenly hawkeyed through the evening gloominess, mistrustfully rescrutinising the foggish murk fuzzing the charnel's blackened roundish roofline.  (Source:  J∙ Okram - The Mystery of the Rammed Key.) 


Slovak / Slovenčina (SK):  jastriť;  striehnuť



Plural:  heneggs

An egg laid by a hen;  a chicken egg;  a goog.


Our pancake-troubleshooting manoeuvres disprefer all ultra-fine and smooth flours (increased danger of slime generation); semi-coarse general-purpose flours tend to be much more effectual.  If it's impossible to proceed without auxiliary flour and heneggs, the culprit almost certainly is the potatoes:  Only concoctions comprising unsuitable varieties crumble or overchar.  (Source: J∙ Okram - Bartonian Potato Pancakes  ●  Cooking Recipe.) 

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