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Crushing food with teeth;  chewing;  mastication.



Plural:   mayos

A short form of the word "mayonnaise".  Any sort of mayonnaise.  Any mayonnaise-like or mayonnaise-derived food.


Figure 2.  ...This particular photographed food was oven-baked and served to a company of experienced mayo-stew enthusiasts, including an international traveller who had familiarised themselves with this speciality in its very country of invention.  (Source: J∙ Okram - Mayonnaise Stew  ●  Cooking Recipe.) 


noun  ●  geographical name

A fictional city in a fictional country Blagonia.  Its meaning is reminiscent of "where honey flows" or "flooded by honey".



Plural:   Medoplavians

A citizen of Medoplava.


In relation to, or coming from, the city of Medoplava;  Medoplavic.



In relation to, or coming from, the city of Medoplava;  Medoplavian.



Plural:   melodeons 

1.  A musical instrument with a fan-folded zigzagged air bag characteristic of the accordion family.

2.  Figuratively, any object or shape resembling the unique appearance of accordions (for example, z-foldable doors, buses or trains with ruffled interconnecting segments, air-blowing devices, etc⋅).  Specifically:  An articulated bus comprising two or more rigid sections linked by a pivoting joint (articulation) enclosed by protective bellows inside and outside and a cover plate on the floor;  banana bus;  bendy bus;  tandem bus;  vestibule bus;  wiggle wagon;  stretch bus;  accordion bus.


Finally, the melodeon's driver was forced to back out of the street.  He had to drive reversewise all the way to the nearest intersection to alleviate the imminent traffic jam:  The schoolward turn was already usurped by the first bus, while the road in front of and behind him became occluded by cars that made passage impossibly narrow.  (Source:  J∙ Okram - The Mystery of the Rammed Key.) 



Plural:  microspheres 

Alternativesmicro-sphere  /  pl∙ micro-spheres 

1.  A microscopic ball.

2.  A small radius of action or influence, such as a single person's reach or power in the society, or the electric effects of a single molecule limited to its closest proximity.


Mam was plaintively recounting their travails with the social custodian lady, and Doctor Barton continued pondering stiffly.  He sympathetically muttered that if it were in his power to abate a mere half a per cent of the worriments in his own microsphere, the world would look different.  But even he himself supposed he had to stay away from certain kinds of people whenever possible.  Or at least to keep them at arm's length.  And he definitely wasn't omnipotent.  (Context:  Dr∙ Barton thinks hard about how he could help the Boleks harassed by the administrative oversight of their family life.  He makes it clear upfront that fighting dysfunctional state authorities will not be easy.  Source:  J∙ Okram - The Mystery of the Rammed Key.) 



Plural:   milksops

1.  A meal consisting of bread pieces soaked in milk.

2.  A man or boy who is not brave;  a feeble or weak person;  coward;  softy;  wimp;  someone not assertive.


Bruno prehardened his mind not to be frightened like some kind of cowardly milksop.  After all, he had endured an encounter with a luminous phantom in an eldritch old cellar last month.  And he also heroically overcame his own kidnapping!  (Source:  J∙ Okram - The Mystery of the Rammed Key.) 



Plural:   mirths 

The state of being amused or jolly, especially when manifested as laughter;  mirthfulness;  cheeriness;  glee;  cheer;  joy.



Amer·:   misflavor
Plural:   misflavours (UK)  /  misflavors (US)

Wrong or undesirably altered taste or smell of something, especially food;  unpleasant aftertaste;  unexpected or unmatching savour.


We should better not go into mentioning the hideous so-called refrigerator misflavour of over-aged long-frozen food.  Our guests and we undoubtedly deserve a yummier and health-friendly treat.  (Source: J∙ Okram - Mayonnaise Stew  ●  Cooking Recipe.) 



Plural:   misperfections 

Imperfection by mistake or neglect;  insufficient, erroneous or otherwise wrong precision;  a misleading or uncertain result of intended perfection;  misprecision.


Back then, it was something similar to today's lazy people leaving out not only the first digit from the date, but they abrogate the whole century in one swing.  I am sure you've already seen in everyday life the misperfection of some people writing only 79 instead of 1979.  Or they scribble something like 12/10/11 and are supremely pleased with themselves for how rationalistic they are.  They even cannot tell later if their own record meant 12th October, 10th December, 10th November, or some other combination.  It's even harder to guess the year unless we know the exact context of the given entry.  Was it the year 12, 112, 312, 1012, 1812, 1912?  Or 511, 1611, 1711, 1811, or any of the unconsidered remaining deannuations.  (Context:  Dr∙ Barton and aides are trying to decipher an unclear identification record on an ancient oil painting labelled "415 XI/18".  Source:  J∙ Okram - The Mystery of the Rammed Key.) 


Slovak / Slovenčina (SK):  nepresnosť;  neprecíznosť

Czech / Čeština (CZ):  nepřesnost;  nepreciznost



Plural:   mouthwaterers

Food so delicious or savoury that it causes salivation at its mere sight;  delicacy;  dainty.


This firmish puddingy speciality is likewisely a savourous potatoey mouthwaterer.  But in such a happenstance, let us not promise our invitees the twoside-crusted crunchcakes and definitely not make them crave "Bartoncakes":  Rather, we openly declare a harulla-lovers' nosh-up(Source: J∙ Okram - Bartonian Potato Pancakes  ●  Cooking Recipe.) 

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