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Plural:   iceries

A room or vessel filled with ice.  Specifically:  An ice box serving as a simple non-electric refrigerator for food.



Plural:   identicons

A graphical icon or glyph used as an identifier, such as a personal avatar, logo, seal, etc⋅.



Plural:   interreactions

A reaction occurring between two other reactions;  intermediate reaction.  A reaction involving two or more substances / reactants / parties;  interaction;  mutual reaction.


Thanks to this water-exchange-driven transition, the initial slurry-ish mixture gradually solidifies.  The sequel is a growing dough viscosity and a gradating degree of mutual reactedness of the watery and waterless raw materials.  This coupling interreaction already occurs during mixing(Source: J∙ Okram - Semolina Dumplings for Soups  ●  Cooking Recipe.) 



(abbreviation)   International Universal Standard Country Code.



(abbreviation)   International Universal Standard Town Code.

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